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improve IQ best brain food - creatine Creatine Brain Supplement

Like glucose and oxygen, creatine can help provide an increased fuel supply to the brain - improving cognitive efficiency and brain functioning, especially under conditions where the brain’s workload is high. Creatine has been demonstrated to promote brain fuel efficiency, increase short term memory and fluid intelligence. It is therefore an excellent IQ supplement. It also counters the effects of cognitive aging and is good for overall cognitive health. Click to learn more about how to increase intelligence here.  Read more


Piracetam brain supplement Piracetam Brain Supplement

Piracetam is a widely known nootropic supplement.  There is evidence that Piracetam brain supplemen  enhances memory,  increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain,  slows brain aging,  aids stroke recovery and  lessens the effects of Alzheimer’s, Down’s syndrome, dementia & dyslexia. Read moreead

Glutamine brain supplement  Glutamine Brain Supplement

Glutamine  is an important source of energy for the brain and nervous system. If the brain is not getting enough glucose, it compensates by increasing glutamine metabolism for energy. Glutamine users often report less fatigue, more energy and a more positive mood. Read more

Choline brain supplement lecithin brain supplement Choline Brain Supplement / Lecithin Brain Supplement

Choline is critical during fetal development, when it influences neurogenesis, thereby altering brain structure and function. Read more


Brain foods for improved brain function and intelligence
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 brain foods for high IQ and brain fitness
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